"Testifying to the gospel of God's grace" -- Acts 20:24

"Testifying to the gospel of God's grace" -- Acts 20:24

"Testifying to the gospel of God's grace" -- Acts 20:24"Testifying to the gospel of God's grace" -- Acts 20:24"Testifying to the gospel of God's grace" -- Acts 20:24

Currently Published Bible Studies and Currently Offered Retreat Materials

More Grace, More Love: Living in Covenant with God
by George Robertson with Mary Beth McGreevy
(Lawrenceville, GA:  CE&P, 2006)

This inductive Bible study includes thoughtful questions and commentary to be used by groups or individuals; 24 lessons.  Separate study guide also available.

1, 2 & 3 JOHN
The Gospel According to the Ten Commandments

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"Our ladies are greatly enjoying the Robertson/McGreevy study of James.  We are teaching it in three different groups to all different ages - from college students to grandmothers.  The outstanding thing, really, is that it has ministered to the college students as well as us grandmas!  It has really challenged us in our Christian walk.  And we love how George comes at it from a pastor's perspective!"
Leona D. Query
Director of Women's Ministry
First Presbyterian Church
Columbia, South Carolina 

"How our church Bible study groups grew and benefitted from reading all the way through the Old Testament book of Deuteronomy, from beginning to end!  The study More Grace, More Love: Living in Covenant with God led us in that good process, with a constant eye to the larger biblical story of grace fulfilled in the Lord Jesus Christ.  George Robertson and Mary Beth McGreevy bring a combination of loving pastoral insight, great theological care, and consistent pointing to the Bible's larger theme of redemption through the One who perfectly fulfilled the law Deuteronomy so eloquently sets forth."
Dr. Kathleen B. Nielson
English professor
Bible study author


An Alabaster Encounter: The Heart’s Response to the Lord Jesus Christ

 © 2007 A retreat by Mary Beth McGreevy 

 What do you think is the one thing necessary in life?  Where do you go in a crisis?  Why would you joyfully give something worth your entire year’s salary to someone?  Jesus taught Mary of Bethany the answers to those questions.  Come explore those answers for yourself at the retreat entitled, “An Alabaster Encounter:  The Heart’s Response to the Lord Jesus Christ,” as we look at the three encounters between Jesus and Mary of Bethany in the Scriptures. 

Session #1

Sitting at Jesus’ Feet—Luke 10:38-42 

            *The one thing necessary  


Session #2

Falling at Jesus’ Feet—John 11:1-46

            *The best response in a crisis

Session #3

Worshiping at Jesus’ Feet—John 12:1-8

            *The grateful response of the redeemed heart


Giving Encouragement to Refresh Hearts

 © 2009 A retreat by Mary Beth McGreevy

Discouragement is something we all face from time to time as we suffer the effects of a bad economy, or bad health, or a failed business, or a rebellious child, or a troubled marriage, or being just plain weary.  Sometimes we are discouraged not by something that has happened to us or to someone we love, but by something that we have done—or failed to do—some habitual sin, some weakness of character, some disappointing behavior or attitude we have seen in ourselves. 

 The apostle Paul knew the joy of being encouraged by other believers as well as the privilege of encouraging others.    He wrote to his friend and fellow worker, Philemon, “Your love has given me great joy and encouragement, because you, brother, have refreshed the hearts of the saints” (Philemon 7).  This retreat is about encouragement to refresh hearts, so that we might learn about the joys and means of giving and receiving that kind of encouragement with its source in the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Session #1

     The Source of True Encouragement (The gospel) Romans 15:1-13

Session #2

     Encouragement in Deed:  Building Up in Love (Living the gospel)  Acts 18:1-8

Session #3

     Encouragement in Word:  Apples of Gold in Settings of Silver (Speaking the gospel)  Acts 18:9-1


Learning Contentment: attending the school of Christ in a world of discontent


Mary Beth McGreevy ©2015


 “If only I…had a different body type…made more money…were married…had children…had a certain ability…were younger…I would be content.”  How often do such thoughts flit through your mind as you are bombarded with the advertisements and values of the surrounding culture?  They are seductive, but they are not true.  Real contentment is not to be found in any of those things.  The Apostle Paul learned how to be content whatever his circumstances—but how?  Come explore with Mary Beth McGreevy the causes and cures of our discontentment, and what it means to live content in Christ: 

Session 1

The Root and Fruit of Discontentment--Genesis 3:1-19. 

Why we are discontent, and the various forms it takes in our lives.

Session 2

Learning Contentment--Philippians 4:10-13.

The key to contentment and how we learn it.

Session 3

Living a Contented Life--1 Timothy 6.

Living our story in God's big story.


In But not of the World

Mary Beth McGreevy    © 2011

 “The world,” as the Apostle John uses the term, is the sum of the created order which has been shattered by the fall, is in rebellion against its Maker, stands under the judgment of God, and in which Jesus Christ appears as the Redeemer.  So what does it mean to be “in” but not “of” it?  In Jesus’ prayer for his own in John 17, he asks God to protect his people from the world and also says he is sending them into it.  This material explores what that means for Jesus’ followers today. 

Session #1

The world: a foreign field—John 17:1-11a.

Session #2

The world: a battle field—John 17:11b-16.

Session #3

The world: a mission field—John 17:17-26.


Love So Amazing: Sanctification by Grace

© 2008 A retreat by Mary Beth McGreevy

 Where are you on the road of sanctification?  What does that road look like in the Christian’s life?  Trace that road in the life of the Apostle Paul from his first encounter with the risen Christ on the road to Damascus to the end of his life when he considers himself “the chief of sinners.”  Along the way learn how God forges us in the furnace of suffering and the part we play in the process of sanctification.  By the end of this retreat you will see how the believer can rejoice in God’s “Love So Amazing:  Sanctification by Grace.” 

Session #1

Confidence in the Flesh—Acts 9:1-25

          *How the sanctimonious becomes the sanctified*

Session #2

Forged in the Furnace of Suffering—Romans 5:1-5         

            *How God uses suffering for our sanctification*

Session #3

Dependence and Discipline—Colossians 1:27-29

            *Our part in the sanctification process*


The Lady Doth Protest Too Much (against what God knows she needs)

© 2008 Mary Beth McGreevy

 The disciple Peter is famous for his disagreements with the Lord Jesus.  We relate all too well with Peter in his protestations, because we would have reacted the same way.  This retreat looks at scenes from the life of Peter from all four Gospels in which he protests to Jesus in ways that, whether we are consciously aware of it or not, we also protest.  We also can rejoice that Jesus holds firm against Peter every time, giving him a “no” answer but exactly the kind of Savior that Peter—and we—must have. 


Session #1

“Go away from me, Lord; I am a sinful man!”—Luke 5:1-11

 *We resist a holy God because He reveals our sinfulness

Session #2

No, you shall never wash my feet!”—John 13:1-17

 *We resist a servant God because He reveals our pride

Session #3

Even if I have to die with you, I will never disown you!”—Mark 14:27-31

 *We resist an omniscient God because He reveals our self-delusions

Session #4

“Never, Lord!  This shall never happen to you!”—Matthew 16:21-23

 *We resist a crucified God because He reveals our need


All retreat materials include:  
*Small group discussion questions to follow every talk
*Leaders guides for discussions
*Handouts of each session's basic outline for note-taking
*At least one personal devotional for times of solitude and reflection

*Mary Beth also will be happy to give her personal testimony at your event